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Dec. 31st, 2037 12:00 am
 I suppose it's time for a pinned post.

I'm Ari. I'll also respond to Puck, because college granted me that nickname for a multitude of reasons and I've grown rather fond of it. I primarily use they/them or he/him pronouns I have chronic pain problems and am neurodivergent. To gain a diagnosis for any of that stuff, however, requires doctors to listen to me first. We'll see if that ever happens.

Rules of the journal are pretty simple: respect others when respect is due. Stay civil when possible; when impossible, don't bother trying. Don't cater to anyone devaluing another life on a basis outside of the victim's control, and when it appears to be in the victim's control, proceed with caution. 

I'm unlikely to grant access to anyone, for the simple reason that I am forgetful and would put absolutely everything public anyways. Due to a currently changing situation re:family, many things have had to be shifted to access lock for safety reasons. This is currently just a precaution, but if I don't immediately grant you access, don't take it personally. Stuff's weird right now. Anyone is welcome to subscribe, however, and I'll likely do the same in return.
Inspired by the speech given here, I made a list of some of the basic categories in filk and SCA music, only the very basic stuff but enough that I can have some inspiration to write more music, maybe find where I'm fitting in style-wise. And then I made a bingo card of it.

The list itself, very out of order as of yet: ghost story, lullaby, Arthurian legend, love song, fight song, SCA home group, Robin Hood, Greek myths, Norse myths, Celtic myths, Kiple, space opera, origins of a Disney story, ballad, personal origin story, sailing song, drinking song, scary mythical creatures, funny mythical creatures, traditional lyrics with new tune, traditional tune with new lyrics, favorite holiday, winter holidays, instrumental with a story, revenge, parody your own piece, absolute nonsense, computers, food, sf television / movies, favorite animals, rock song, fantasy television / movies, LOTR, hope for the future, fantasy books, sf books.

My bingo card, via the Bingo Generator here:

traditional tune with new lyrics
Here We Come a-Murdering
drinking songRobin HoodGreek mythsfantasy stories
fight songghost story
Superstitions (IP)
sf television / movies
The Trek Toast (IP)
foodCeltic myths
Norse mythsArthurian legendabsolute nonsense
A Parody is Still a Valid Art Form
favorite animals
Famished Feline's Prayer
fantasy television / movies
Elevenses (IP)
Goodnight Opportunity
love songfunny mythical creatures
hope for the future
One Ship More
personal origin story
How Did I Never Find Filk For So Long?
Hugo Lightfingers (The Anti-Computer Song)
Law of the Jungle
sailing song
A Real Steampunk Story

I'm currently working on I4 (fantasy movie) and G5 (Kiple), with some ideas for a sailing song and Arthurian legend piece. This card will probably last me at least until the end of the year, though.

Update 11/20/18: beginning to put strikethroughs on completed prompts with annotations of which song filled it. Not all are posted by the time of strikethrough, but they exist in draft form which counts as good enough by me.

Update 2/13/19: including partially done ones now, just to keep track. And eek I have a LOT.

Update 3/3/19: first line complete. Working towards blackout now.
Also known as: a fiddle tune got stuck in my head, and the name was too good not to make the pun. Then another pun showed up, because it’s also a Morris dance tune. To top it all off, I was sitting in the theatre for an hour waiting to be cleared to turn on the preshow light cue... and I got bored.

Edit, because it seems I might need to clarify: that title is the actual title.

The Girl I Left Behind Me )


Apr. 7th, 2019 11:05 pm
I don't even know. Less than two hours ago, I started this one, and it's already got music and everything. I'll probably just slap together some recording or another on Twitter tomorrow, with something better over the summer if I'm lucky.

Edit to add: I’m putting a huge content warning on this for existential dread, because yeah. 

Black )
to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, whose Schrodinger's Heroes universe deserves a bit of extra filk and all. This one runs on the simple theory that Schrodinger the Cat may be significantly smarter than anyone gives him credit for. (I may or may not spend the summer animating the title sequence, but that's once I have a decent workspace to draw at.)
As such, a song inspired both by Schrodinger's Heroes and by the chat room in the 3/18/19 Sooj Concert Window broadcast. Tune yet unwritten, but surely exclusively to be played on stringed instruments (which I will extend to piano if it's an actual piano and not a digital keyboard):

String Theory )

April Fools

Apr. 1st, 2019 09:30 am
 I am still very much a trickster at heart. And there is fair warning that this was coming, if anyone cares to scroll back a couple posts from me. But this time, it's even more ridiculous than expected: I found a video of the song in question performed by SCA members in context.

Link here, and I sincerely hope this is the worst prank anyone gets today.


Mar. 31st, 2019 12:53 am
Looks like I'm graduating a year early, and I'm an RA in the time between now and then. This means a source of income that I can actually rely on to at least some extent.

My Patreon does exist as well; some writing and a bunch of photos are up there for free, if anyone cares to take a look. I tried to attach all appropriate content warnings, but am also forgetful and would appreciate a reminder if something lacks them.

CW for family, existential dread, future stuff )I'm really starting to not like college as much, either. The fact that Play Production (aka literally just working in the scene shop building stuff and otherwise running lights and sound for the show) is my favorite class right now and my all-time favorite was choir (in which I was basically assigned to whine at the other students that unless they fixed their posture and relaxed they were going to be dealing with quite the trouble breathing well enough for the music we were doing) ... yeah. Either music or working with my hands would be the ideal. But hey, I've only got another year. I think I can make it that long. Might as well, since I've already got some loans. Some degree is better than no degree.
 is to post a rick roll, if I remember it is, in fact, April 1st. It will be marked as a video, and most likely as a music video, to ensure preparation for the fact that sound exists. It may not be clearly marked as a rick roll. It may not be the most obvious video for rick rolling with (the music video), but it will consist of nothing other than a rick roll.

True Story

Mar. 17th, 2019 06:51 pm
What did the cat do with my good thumb pick? x3
Early in the mornin’.
  • Tossed it under the radiator.
  • Put it in his pile of toys to play with.
  • Dropped it in the catnip planter.
  • Somehow swallowed a piece of plastic.
  • Gave it to his brother to hide forever.
  • Sent it to a new dimension.
  • Dropped it in the nearest black hole.
  • Set his time machine to the Big Bang and lost it.
  • That should cover all the options.
  • Never gonna find my thumb pick now.
  • It’s Rooster’s fault that I’ve got a blister.
  • Moral of the story is picks aren’t cat toys.
Worst part is it happened at my sister’s house and I won’t be back there for weeks yet.
 Was going to stay up late and write out the many things of sheet music I need to print tomorrow. But sleep. So sleep first, then possibly work in the morning. Hopefully work in the morning.

On a related note: the Carpathia song is so pretty with the violin part. Hopefully I can get my skills back up by the end of summer so I can do it justice.
can I have in various stages of the writing process at once?

Lyric stage:
--"Elevenses", not the actual title
--a certain Star Trek song without a proper name as of yet
--resistance song, again unnamed as of yet
--a Grimm / Child ballads / classical mythology crossover piece that is written for the sake of sarcasm
--Poison Control
--a Civil War marching song that has a slightly too convenient name not to make a pun out of it

Melody stage:
--River Wind, provided it doesn't make me cry too much to handle it
--Elfin Knight with Scarborough Fair, using an older melody for the descant

Instrument stage:
--Trinities (to actually get good enough to sing and play it at once without laughing too hard to breathe)
--Law of the Jungle (because not once did I write down my own chords, and guess who has a horrible memory for chords?)
--A Real Steampunk Story

Other Songs I Am Learning: 
--Barrett's Privateers

Other Projects:
--that Maquis & French Resistance musical I've been working on for three years and is finally getting somewhere because I found my old lyric sheets
--the ten-layer Christmas song my dad will yell at me if I don't finish

This is in addition to about six fiddle tunes I have lined up to learn so I can actually get decent with fiddle again, now that my hands can handle it. (Heh, halfway to a pun.) 

...I didn't realize how many I had going.
A month and a half in the writing, with plenty of research thrown in. I wrote out the melody for this back in January; it's got some fiddle stuff to be done, and definitely a guitar line to be written. I'll be doing a bunch of recordings the Monday and Tuesday of spring break, so be ready for those whenever they actually get posted on Youtube. In the meantime, rough draft of the audio is on Twitter here.

A Real Steampunk Story )
And with that, I've reached bingo on my Bardic card (which I'll definitely keep using until I've got blackout, mind you, and then make another).
 Homework must be done. Then, bodhran and fiddle videos for my music theory professor, who will be the acting chair of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies program next semester while the chair takes a sabbatical. 

Then, after all that work, art time. We'll see if I can finally get my drawing tablet up and running again now that I've got a new cord and a better setup. Very much hopeful.

But first, sleep, because I am sick and it is not fun to be awake all night while sick. 
As just typed into the Concert Window chat in anticipation of the Sooj concert (9PM Eastern), a filk. Estimated ten minutes total, still needed RhymeZone.
 that I can attend Boskone next year provided my roommate comes with me. This is funny. I'll be 21. I can drink by then. I can get a hotel room without needing anyone else by then. But I don't get to take public transportation with her knowledge unless I have a chaperone.

for autotune, featuring a cat.  Warning: do not have food or drink in mouth.
Gotta write the melody after class today (update: melody written, will record tomorrow). But yeah. This. Saw it on Twitter and now I'm really sad.

Goodnight Opportunity )
 And this time it's a snow day to boot. So that song I've been trying and failing to write for six months or so? Here it is, one hundred percent a true story. (That longer-running one still isn't done...)

ttto My Favorite Things )
 Finally just finished what I'm pretty sure are the last edits to Trinities, the winter-themed Threes I wrote at the December 1st MASSFILC meeting. This song got funnier as the weather got more ridiculous this winter.


Feb. 4th, 2019 08:58 am
After months of dithering, I created a Patreon for the purposes of having income my mother doesn't know about. Link here. 



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