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Dec. 31st, 2037 12:00 am
 I suppose it's time for a pinned post.

I'm Ari. I'll also respond to Puck, because college granted me that nickname for a multitude of reasons and I've grown rather fond of it. I primarily use they/them or he/him pronouns, but provided I'm treated with respect, I could not care less about mistakes. I have chronic pain problems and am neurodivergent. To gain a diagnosis for any of that stuff, however, requires doctors to listen to me first. We'll see if that ever happens.

Rules of the journal are pretty simple: respect others when respect is due. Stay civil when possible; when impossible, don't bother trying. Don't cater to anyone devaluing another life on a basis outside of the victim's control, and when it appears to be in the victim's control, proceed with caution. 

I'm unlikely to grant access to anyone, for the simple reason that I am forgetful and would put absolutely everything public anyways. Due to a currently changing situation re:family, many things have had to be shifted to access lock for safety reasons. This is currently just a precaution, but if I don't immediately grant you access, don't take it personally. Stuff's weird right now. Anyone is welcome to subscribe, however, and I'll likely do the same in return.
Gotta write the melody after class today (update: melody written, will record tomorrow). But yeah. This. Saw it on Twitter and now I'm really sad.

Goodnight Opportunity )
Inspired by the speech given here, I made a list of some of the basic categories in filk and SCA music, only the very basic stuff but enough that I can have some inspiration to write more music, maybe find where I'm fitting in style-wise. And then I made a bingo card of it.

The list itself, very out of order as of yet: ghost story, lullaby, Arthurian legend, love song, fight song, SCA home group, Robin Hood, Greek myths, Norse myths, Celtic myths, Kiple, space opera, origins of a Disney story, ballad, personal origin story, sailing song, drinking song, scary mythical creatures, funny mythical creatures, traditional lyrics with new tune, traditional tune with new lyrics, favorite holiday, winter holidays, instrumental with a story, revenge, parody your own piece, absolute nonsense, computers, food, sf television / movies, favorite animals, rock song, fantasy television / movies, LOTR, hope for the future, fantasy books, sf books.

My bingo card, via the Bingo Generator here:

traditional tune with new lyrics
Here We Come a-Murdering
drinking songRobin HoodGreek mythsfantasy stories
Hugo Lightfingers
fight songghost story
Superstitions (IP)
sf television / movies
The Trek Toast (IP)
foodCeltic myths
Norse mythsArthurian legendabsolute nonsense
A Parody is Still a Valid Art Form
favorite animals
Famished Feline's Prayer
fantasy television / movies
Elevenses (IP)
Goodnight Opportunity
love songfunny mythical creatures
hope for the future
One Ship More
personal origin story
How Did I Never Find Filk For So Long?
Hugo Lightfingers (The Anti-Computer Song)
Law of the Jungle
sailing song
A Real Steampunk Story (IP)

I'm currently working on I4 (fantasy movie) and G5 (Kiple), with some ideas for a sailing song and Arthurian legend piece. This card will probably last me at least until the end of the year, though.

Update 11/20/18: beginning to put strikethroughs on completed prompts with annotations of which song filled it. Not all are posted by the time of strikethrough, but they exist in draft form which counts as good enough by me.

Update 2/13/19: including partially done ones now, just to keep track. And eek I have a LOT.

 And this time it's a snow day to boot. So that song I've been trying and failing to write for six months or so? Here it is, one hundred percent a true story. (That longer-running one still isn't done...)

ttto My Favorite Things )
 Finally just finished what I'm pretty sure are the last edits to Trinities, the winter-themed Threes I wrote at the December 1st MASSFILC meeting. This song got funnier as the weather got more ridiculous this winter.


Feb. 4th, 2019 08:58 am
After months of dithering, I created a Patreon for the purposes of having income my mother doesn't know about. Link here. 
 With the Sooj (& Jesster) concert tonight, yes, I was the bored one in the chat three minutes before concert. Making a copy here of the approximately ten-minute filk that happened as I was waiting, so it's not just sitting in a sticky note on my desktop.

 This storm is destroying all plans that existed for when I would get back to school. Currently looks like sister will get me either Saturday noon or Monday morning, with return to campus Monday. If I’m gone in the meantime, it’s to try to manage the thousand and one things I need to manage before then. Brain is about ready to scream because yay for a total inability to play music except when alone unless I want parental commentary; good people and the right to play my choice of music are a few days away. I can manage that much. 

I think.

Most further plans look likely to be needed rather desperately this summer, but that means I have a few months to sort stuff out. I’ll take what I can get right now.
 If I've never mentioned it, my parents' house is kind of huge. (Not my house anymore. Nopes.)

My mom grew up here, then bought it from her dad for cheap. The main part's about a hundred years old, and there are at least two separate extensions, a huge basement, and both a second floor and an attic. The attic's basically empty, but the basement has all of my baby clothes and about three thousand vinyl records (at least half of which were destroyed in a flood when I was little, sadly). 

The upstairs, however, is a mystery most of the time. It's where my dad's stuff goes when he doesn't want it. That means, of course, anything technological. He's kind of hopeless. 

According to my mom, somewhere upstairs, there is a bunch of recording stuff. As in, she bought him enough stuff for his own recording studio and he never touched it after opening it for Christmas when I was a tiny child. So now, she's offered it to me if either one of us can find it upstairs. 

I spent probably about an hour upstairs today trying and failing to find any of it to see if it's even compatible with modern technology (we still have a Windows 95 computer upstairs, too, so if it's not then it's staying here for someone else). But it's impossible to find to see if it's even worthwhile to claim as my own.

Things I did find:
--my mom's sign language textbooks
--my late aunt's mandolin, in desperate need of repair but maybe I can play it then?!?!?! I may save up some money for those purposes (update: my dad thought it over, he thinks it's his godfather's originally, most likely from the 1930s, and he's fine with it being mine since otherwise it would sit around. Also, the upstairs of this house has no heat, so me having it means it's not in the cold all winter every year which is probably better)
--extra guitar strings
--at least two guitars my dad would never admit exist, one of which is a 3/4 classical with not a single sign of who made it but at some point it was fitted with a strap button which has since fallen out given the hole and the fact that it had a strap tied onto the headstock with a literal piece of nylon string
--an Appalachian dulcimer which my dad has now declared I can have, because it came from Little Bear's original owner. Needs new strings, is otherwise perfect. Is also adorable, has its own case, and is definitely mine
--a whole lot more books than I thought I had
--a bag of cords I need to go through tomorrow in case there's one of the ones I need for my drawing tablet (the cord is nearly broken)

Overall, pretty successful in unexpected ways.

Got bored.

Jan. 11th, 2019 02:05 pm
Started a practice livestream. Yep. Link here.

Edit: Done, super long, stories intermingled with music on three instruments. Meet my dog toward the beginning; migraine she warned me on is just starting to hit now. Ends with me demonstrating the fact that humans can, in fact, purr both inward and outward -- was that [personal profile] technoshaman I saw wondering about that one time? Not sure if the audio actually worked on that section (maybe?). Lots of me just fooling around on various instruments, especially my fife. Also, this thing's unlisted because family talk, but nothing much.
 Not a bad thing for once, however odd that feels to me: my mom tried black beans for the first time in her life this week, and she greatly enjoys them.
Christmas is just about done here. My family being Catholic and holding mostly Quebec customs, the new year tends to be the end of most of the festivities. (And Sherlock Holmes's birthday ends the rest.) So now I can get away with curling up in my room and trying not to scream. 

At least I'm home alone starting tomorrow -- everyone in the family was on vacation and thus in the house all week, so I couldn't even listen to my own music except with headphones on. All I could listen to was country Christmas from Christmas Eve until today. But I could play instruments around other people, provided I was careful not to sing any of the songs that have a single iota of non-Christian energy in them. Let's just say I got quite a bit of instrumental practice. And I got a bodhran from my parents, so that's an upside. My mom tends to go all-out for Christmas, so I have new violin strings and a fife as well. I got Amazon and Barnes and Noble money from the siblings, all of which has now been spent on quite the variety of things (American Gods, blank sheet music notebook, Rise Up Singing, and the NESFA hymnal off BN and their Marketplace, gig bag and guitar stand off Amazon).

Just about ready to scream at the misgendering, of course. My aunt gave me $50 for my birthday and I still haven't touched it, so I'm starting to think I might just buy a binder with some of that. My parents wouldn't take it away or destroy it purposefully, so at least there's that, but still. It was on my Christmas list, right below the bodhran in priorities and significantly higher than the fife or strings. I have almost $30 on my Paypal and I'm considering just using that instead. If I just transferred the $50 there, of course, I could get an extra binder off GC2B. Now that's tempting, provided I can figure out how to use Paypal in the first place.

Already looking forward to the prospect of not being here starting in a couple of weeks, of course. Doesn't look like I'll be able to get to Boskone since it costs so much to get into Boston via the commuter rail, but at least I know it's happening and I can start saving up for future years. And I'll probably spend the weekend writing a bunch of stuff anyway.

(On an unrelated note, is it normal for parents to refuse to allow an adult child to have a lock on their bedroom door? Because it's only just occurred to me how weird it might be that I'm not allowed to have a lock on my bedroom door. They have a lock on theirs.)
That moment when my father steals my guitar for a minute and starts playing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"...

...then says "if the fate allows" to remove the only semblance of a reference to anything not purely Christian.

Have I mentioned how Catholic he is? I feel like I need to point out just how Catholic he is. He's so Catholic it's not even funny. I also feel like I should mention *this is why I wear headphones to listen to any and all music when he's home*.
Finals week produced quite a few half-baked filks.
  • The ship that rescued the Titanic, the Carpathia, effectively pulled a steampunk stunt to do so. That one’s a verse along but sounds good so far.
  • I forgot the lyrics to Toast for Unsung Heroes but remembered that one part rhymed with “also”, and that another line ended in “ before”. This resulted in my brain insisting it was “to boldly go” in the first verse, with “where no man’s gone before” at the end. The fact that “Here’s a health to Gene Roddenberry” scans to it didn’t help.
  • Got further along in what I will only call Elevenses for now, which has been going since July. Some people may have heard me mention this one before; I know I’ve seen facepalms when I mention how it’s written.
  • There’s now a theatrical superstition song going as well.
Most notably, ttto When A Felon’s Not Engaged in his Employment and entirely due to Ellen Kranzer’s “sitting in the hallway filking” story, which was stuck in my head at ten at night a week back:
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 with a knot in my stomach because it's not the first time I've had these thoughts.

Cut for family issues, slight but not urgent mental health stuff, and general confusion.

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Dec. 2nd, 2018 12:54 pm
This song was written last night during the MASSFILC meeting, totaling 3 hours and 7 minutes of writing while singing along with stuff and eating dinner.  I've edited it a bit since, cleaned it up and all, but otherwise it remains the same.

Mostly inspired by the sheer number of Christmas songs with filk lyrics, and the comparatively lower number of filks further filked for the winter season.

Trinities )

but I’m doing [community profile] holiday_wishes this year. Post lists! Get gifts! Spread some cheer this time of year! My list is here if anyone wants to get me anything, but please spread the joy to everyone else in the community too!
and escape plans are being made.

Tomorrow shouldn't be too bad: my mom's not as bad as my dad, and we're going shopping for winter stuff and Christmas gifts (which I'll just go along with at this point, even though I have to deadname myself or get questions about my "nickname") without him coming along. I'm getting new snow boots and a winter coat, which should prove useful. 

But now that there's even a possibility of there only being a couple more years of messes with my brain a bit. That was a dream since somewhere around third grade, possibly earlier: just get away from Massachusetts on the whole because people know me for a wide variety of things, and sometimes that's a bit much when they don't actually know me, just their idea of me. It's not as bad as it once was, but I still planned to move as soon as I could manage, expecting that to be my mid-30s at the earliest. All of a sudden, it may be just after graduating college, which is perhaps the most terrifying thing in quite a while for me but also has made me smile anytime I've thought of it for the past day, which was not something I expected to be doing at all this weekend. So thanks for that to anyone who knows anything about what I'm saying, and thanks to everyone else because it's the time to give thanks and I figure I probably owe some at this point.
Did this earlier. Finally have the energy to post the link.
As I listen to more and more filk and start to become slightly more involved, I can't help but laugh at the sheer number of coincidences in my life, if one can even call them that when they pile up quite this high. Probably more things I haven't thought of, but the point is.

  • ASL as a first language as my mother's research project.
  • Writing music and performing it comes from my dad's side of the family (and he accidentally filked and flat-out parodied church songs with the help of friends starting in his teenage years, including Donuts No Peas Parchment / Dona Nobis Pacem. One of said friends may or may not be / have been involved in the Star Trek fan community, no guarantees but he's about that dedicated).
  • Writing my own music and arranging pieces since middle school (and ran across ABC notation, fiddle stuff, while researching Christmas songs ... about six years before I actually started to play fiddle).
  • Currently owner and player of a 50-year-old guitar from my dad's friend, my sister's old fiddle, possibly my sister's old flute given a bit more practice, my brother's drum pad, a travel keyboard that can't play more than two notes at a time, and whatever other instruments we've got scattered around the house that I can scrounge up. Probably getting more for the holidays.
  • Theatre kid since kindergarten, Shakespeare fiend since sixth grade, and Gilbert and Sullivan fanatic since early in high school. Tom Lehrer's music followed G&S about two months later.
  • Reading and writing SFF prose and poetry, both fanfiction and original, for quite literally half my life.
  • Brother taught me to code around age nine and I taught myself astronomy and basic physics around the same time, with more since then.
  • Found filk through a chain of events that I believe started with ffn, progressed to AO3, which in turn led me to Livejournal and Dreamwidth around age 16, and then I got bored enough to go exploring on the site and found filk in five seconds flat.
Basically, filk was bound to happen and the real question was when.

...there's a song in there somewhere. (It'll have to happen after the Scottish play ends in just over a week, probably. No free time at current.)
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