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I'm a college student. Good question as to what my course of study is -- every professor wants me in every class. I'm technically in theatre with art history and music minors, but I've been pulled toward political science and history by others. I don't blog much; such is the curse of twenty credit semesters.

I'm a published author, self-published because it gives me the experience I need without the stress of actual publishing. I'm working on book two. I do various fan fiction things and I'm starting to filk (aka I've got a guitar and an out-of-tune violin and I'm writing my own stuff), and I hope to start going to cons sometime in 2019 or 2020.

I'm queer and disabled, not hiding either fact. I'm autistic with anxiety symptoms. Waiting for a diagnosis on the physical side of things, but looks like EDS and POTS with possible celiac and a potato (nightshade? so far tomatoes are alright) allergy. I'm ace aro and genderfluid (they/them or he/him, yet to figure out which of those is more accurate).
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